EPIC (Elia Portal Interface for Customers)

This platform embodies our desire to put our customers at the center of the decisions and digital services we offer them.The energy sector is diversifying and as TSO Elia wants to help and support the energy players in their daily life by allowing them to have a better control over their data.

The new digital interface for all our clients From July 7, each company connected to the ELIA grid will be able to request access to the EPIC platform via our support center).

Each company is able to manage and choose who access their data within EPIC.

Account management: allows you to invite collaborator and share data with external collaborators Metering:

  • Access your metering data and download them.
  • Invoices: Access your invoices and download them.
  • Contracts: Access your invoices and download documents and annexes.

Attention: some processes (like annex renewal or contact management ...) still need to be performed in customer hub. Theses topics are planned for end of the year (beginning 2022).

Join EPIC and request access

Enter a ticket to our support

The user-centered approach for EPIC

EPIC is always evolving, our goal is to build more and more digital services that respond to your needs. If you are interested to participate to our Design process do not hesitate to reach us: [email protected] .

Our ambition is to focus our efforts on what brings you added value for your business.

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