iCAROS implementation

Elia launched the iCAROS project in a bid to develop the coordination of assets for system operations and market procedures in accordance with the EU Network Codes.

What is iCAROS?

iCAROS stands for I ntegrated C oordination of A ssets for R edispatching and O perational S ecurity . The coordination of assets and the associated data exchanges are vitally important to the operational activities of Elia’s control centre.

These assets are essential for:

  • managing congestion on the Elia grid;
  • guaranteeing the availability of ancillary services;
  • monitoring the availability of sufficient generated power to meet demand;

All with a view to ensuring that the grid remains secure.

iCAROS Task Force

The entry into force of the European network codes requires Elia to develop a new framework for the coordination of assets for system operations and market procedures. To that end, a Task Force was created in 2017 to discuss the main aspects of the future coordination procedure with the market parties and ultimately produce a number of design notes setting out the key design principles .

iCAROS implementation project

Elia set up the iCAROS implementation project in mid-2018. It has taken over the Task Force’s activities and its purpose is to discuss the mains aspects of implementation with all the stakeholders. The iCAROS project also aims to define the required IT and operational developments.

The iCAROS Project Manager is Viviane Illegems.

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